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A unique talent management company positioned at the leading edge of the entertainment industry, designed to elevate clients' careers with opportunities and guidance at the most dynamic, diverse and lucrative levels. ACM offers a comprehensive insider's approach to the evolving nature of the industry; providing a vast domain of new markets and initiatives.

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A talent management company uniquely positioned to provide the entertainment industry's cutting edge voice-over talent for your movie trailer, ADR, promo, narration, radio imaging, animation, commercial or political advertisement. Helmed by former longtime talent agents, ACM offers peak performance and service in a timely fashion.

Phil Sutfin     founder

Prior to co-founding ACM, Phil has been at the vanguard for the voice-over industry as both a talent manager and agent at International Creative Management. At ICM, he helmed one of the largest voice over departments in the country offering complete services in commercials, promos, trailers, narrations, animation and celebrity endorsements. Most recently, Phil founded Flatirons Creative Management; a specialized voice-over management firm emphasizing innovation, personal attention and collaborative relationships between voice clients and industry creatives. As a talent agent, Phil began his career at Don Buchwald Associates before founding the renowned on-air promotions department at Schiffman, Eckman, Morrison & Marx (SEM&M). He has BFA from Colorado and an MFA from Columbia University.

Contact Phil: psutfin@acmtalent.com

Marc Guss     founder

Marc approaches ACM with the same tradition, passion and skill he has demonstrated throughout his career as an agent by turning talent into multi-dimensional industry successes. Most recently an agent at William Morris Endeavor and Vice President for over a decade at the William Morris Agency, Marc has represented A-list celebrity and branded talent while negotiating deals for the most sought after voices in the world. Prior to William Morris, Marc created the first promo department at Abrams Artists Agency, had a celebrity agent apprenticeship with SEM&M’s Fred Schiffman, and worked at CESD, one of the industry’s top commercial talent agencies. Marc graduated from Syracuse University College of Law and is admitted to practice law in New York. Read More

Contact Marc: mguss@acmtalent.com

Andrew Atkin   Talent Manager

Andrew brings a wealth of diverse entertainment industry experience to the clients and team at ACM.  He is graduate of the Ohio State University and subsequently received his MFA in Film and TV production from Chapman University in California., where he furthered his knowledge and love for movies.  He began his career in voice-over in Los Angeles at the Sutton, Barth, & Vennari talent agency before advancing to the William Morris Agency (LA).  As a talent agent at WMA, he pioneered the West Coast promo and trailer departments.  Currently, he oversees all work related to trailers and movie promotions for ACM.  His creative vision, expertise, and resulting relationships allow him to nurture contacts in all areas of the entertainment industry--from actors and producers, to a variety of decisions makers and creative personnel.

Contact Andrew: aatkin@acmtalent.com




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