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Betting On Trailers

Voiceover performers generally aspire to one of two possible career paths: 1) being the voice of a beloved cartoon character, or 2) becoming the next Don LaFountaine of the trailer world. Everything in between, whether commercials, narrations, promos etc., is usually not considered until the reality check occurs that the entry point to other voice work is much easier and still profitable.

We All Need a Guru

(Originally posted on August 3, 2016) The other day one of our assistants enthusiastically came in my office to ask me if I knew who Tony Robbins was? "Growing up in the 80's", I needed to explain, "it would have been impossible to miss Tony's infomercial barrage."

Call Me Ishmael

(Originally posted on July 20, 2016) I want to play a quick game... I'm going to pretend I'm a successful actor. During the week, I receive a call from a major agent/manager who tells me how much he/she enjoys my work. He/she praises me and I am admittedly flattered.