Voiceover FAQ

If you’re an employer seeking to hire ACM performers.

Are your voice talents professionals?

Definitely so.  The talented performers of ACM have hundreds of years of combined professional experience with resumes including almost every known product and service, promotional announcements and narrations for most networks and even a Presidential campaign or two.

Does ACM Talent provide auditions?

Of course!  If you have a script, a description of the type of talent(s) needed and a budget for the project…  email the audition to us and we will get right to work casting your project.

How quickly can I receive auditions?

The same day if need be or the following day.  The exception is specialty voice-overs such as older voices, foreign languages etc. in which we may need a few days.

Does your talent have home studios?

With rare exceptions, ACM performers all have professional home studios.  Many have ISDN or Source Connect as well and everyone else who does not can easily phone patch and upload files to FTP, Dropbox or similar.

How do I hire an ACM Professional?

If you have already been provided an ACM audition, just let us know who you like and whether any details have changed since we provided the audition.  We will then coordinate any remaining logistics (schedule, phone numbers, email, etc).  If you are hiring a talent without an audition, call or email us and request exactly who you are looking for as well as your budget.  We will get right back to you and coordinateany schedules and details.

Can I direct the talent?

Absolutely.  Whether you want to provide initial instructions before the session and leave the rest to the talent or stay on the line the entire session, you have either option.  

What are ACM’s rates?

ACM does not necessarily set the rates.  The talent does.  That is why encourage you to audition talent and provide the budget so we can cater the talent to your project.

How do I pay ACM Professionals?

90% of the time an ACM invoice will suffice but the complete answer to this question is a little complicated because many of our performers are SAG/AFTRA members.  The most important thing to know is that ACM is well versed in how to make this easy for you and provide simple step-by-step instructions on how to make this work.  

What if I’m not completely happy with the voice over?

ACM will do everything in our power to make sure you’re satisfied with your performer(s) and we encourage you to request a free audition for any performer(s) or types you may interested in.

If you're a Performer seeking to be represented by ACM.

How do I submit my work for representation?

Just send us .mp3 demos and/or link to your website and we will get back to you if we are interested.

What if I send you my voiceover demo and I don’t hear from you?

Unfortunately, we can’t respond to everybody but we do appreciate you reaching out.  If you don’t hear from us, the reason is because we don’t feel you are right for our roster.  That shouldn’t discourage you though as we are working with elite talent who have put years into the voice craft.  Instead, we strongly encourage you to get VO coaching, continue to train and work on your demos. After all, we never know what the future brings.

Where is your talent located?

The majority resides in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago with the remainder spread throughout US and Canada.  

I already have a talent agent.  Can I be represented by ACM too?

ACM is not an agency but is instead a talent management company.  The majority of our client’s are represented by ACM as well as talent agencies in NYC, LA and elsewhere.

Do I need a home studio to be represented by ACM?

Indeed you do.  ACM clients often receive frequent auditions throughout the day and must be able to both work and audition from home.

Do I need ISDN?

ISDN is not a necessity. Source Connect is becoming more and more an industry standard and you should have or be equipped to add Source Connect to your studio.

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